Yuhong X-ray medical protective lead glass (1200mm-1600mm)*1200mm

Our company :   Fucheng Yuhong Special Glass Co., Ltd   Specializing in the production of series of X-ray protectionOur products :X-ray protection lead glass,                         X-ray lead aprons,          &

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Our company :   Fucheng Yuhong Special Glass Co., Ltd   Specializing in the production of series of X-ray protection
Our products :X-ray protection lead glass,
                         X-ray lead aprons,
                        X-ray lead glasses,
                        x rays, stainless steel door

Brief Introduction:

Radiation Protection Products' Lead Glass (X-ray Glass, Radiation Shielding Glass, Leaded Glass) is suitable for installation in screens, windows, walls, and doors. Our Lead Glass (X-ray Glass, Radiation Shielding Glass, Leaded Glass) allows technicians to view the imaging or radiation therapy procedures. More details on our lead x-ray glass can be found on the submittals page.
Lead glass has a number of uses, primarily in the medical industry. It provides full radiation protection but is transparent and easy to see through for observation purposes. Radiation Protection Products x-ray glass delivers superior visual clarity and high light transmission with little to no distortion, even in our thickest available varieties. Our lead glass can be used effectively in x-ray rooms, radiation therapy rooms, laboratories, and many other applications.


We offer lead glass in a variety of standard sizes to meet the needs of nearly any application. See the chart below for our standard x-ray glass sizes. We also offer custom size lead glass up to a maximum of 3m*1.2m. Quotes for custom size leaded glass are available upon request.

Lead Equivalent: 

Lead Glass (X-ray Glass, Radiation Shielding Glass, Leaded Glass) is available in the following equivalencies: 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.2mm. These lead equivalencies are based on 150kV. Lead x-ray glass with higher lead equivalencies is available upon request.
Radiation-shielding lead glass
we're also the leading supplier of lead glass with different products series in china, and we can offer our products with very competitive price and quality.
the lead glass of our products are divided into ZF2, ZF3,ZF6,ZF7 series. ZF2 and ZF3 series high lead glass is extensively applied as shield in X-ray Diagnosis, spiral CT scanning room vieport and medical diagnosis. ZF6 and ZF7 series high lead glass is mainly used in nuclear industry such as nuclear powder station and atomic energy application. since our products were launched into the market with good transparency, high lead equivalency and excellent service, we get a lot trust and favorable comments from clients.
Now besides our main products of lead glass, we also have a full-line of X-ray protective products: X-ray protective door window series( applied in X-ray diagnosis, X-ray Room, CT scanning, intervene treatment room, Nuclear medical room); Nuclear medical protective series, radiation intervention study protective series, lead sticky series, medical radiation treatment protective series of ECT-PET; protective series of linear accelerator. Gu 60 and the industrial machine protective series of flaw detection.

a. lead glass can be used in any facility which requires protection from x-ray radiation .The following industries have common applications for x-ray radiation shields.
b. Industrial use of lead glass
c. protect people from airport luggage inspection equipment in airports, and from the radiation testing equipment or radioactive  industrial products at industrial sites.
d. Healthcare use of lead glass x-ray observation equipment, electron beam/ plasma generators and x-ray TV detectors .Lead glass protects doctor and staff from x-ray irradiation with no glass discoloration or deterioration in viewing quality.

Manual installation of Lead Glass
a. Lead glass is made of brittle material and the density is high, so must be careful when you move and put down; seal around of the window with the lead sheet or rubber in order to prevent the leaking of the x-ray.
b. Prohibit using the wet wooden frames, because of shrinking it will damage the lead glass.
c. Because the material of lead glass is soft, the surface cannot be touched by the hard or rough things to avoid scratches.
d. Forbidden to scrub with the water to avoid mildew stain. If there is mildew stain can be removed by absolute alcohol cotton ball.
e. Because of the poor chemical stability of lead glass, strictly prohibited to touch with paint, thinner and other chemicals, to avoid oxygenizing the lead glass.

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Note: We can supply but not limited within the above standard size. We can make the lead glass as per customer's request. If you have your own specific request,please kindly tell us the size and lead equivalent, then we will do it for you separately. If the lead glass is applied for isotope,please kindly tell us the γ ray dose and activity
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