Welded mesh Rt-50CNC pipe bending machine

Technical parameters ModelDW-50CNC-4A-3SBending capability OD×WT (carbon steel)Φ50.8×2.5 mmBending radius range (by drawing)35~250 mmRadius range (by push bending)≥10DBending angle range0~190°Max bending length with mandrel2500mmMax bending speed120°/secBending accuracy±0.1°Feeding spee

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Weld Mesh Rt-50CNC Pipe Bending Machine
Technical parameters

Bending capability OD×WT (carbon steel)Φ50.8×2.5 mm
Bending radius range (by drawing)35~250 mm
Radius range (by push bending)≥10D
Bending angle range0~190°
Max bending length with mandrel2500mm
Max bending speed120°/sec
Bending accuracy±0.1°
Feeding speed range30~1000 mm/sec
Feeding accuracy±0.1 mm
Max rotating speed480°/sec
Rotating accuracy±0.1°
Tools stack3
BendingElectric Servomotor
Feeding/Booster (pushing)Electric Servomotor
RotatingElectric Servomotor
Work head shift (horizontal)Electric Servomotor
Work head shift (vertical)Hydraulic and camshaft
Main motor power5.5 KW
System hydraulic pressure12MPa
WeightAbout 2200 kg

Weld Mesh Rt-50CNC Pipe Bending Machine
Weld Mesh Rt-50CNC Pipe Bending Machine
Weld Mesh Rt-50CNC Pipe Bending Machine
DW-50CNC-4A-3S Main Components List

1Servomotor (Rotating)HF-SP-1521Mitsubishi, Japan
2Servomotor (Feeding)HF-SP-3521Mitsubishi, Japan
3Servomotor (Bending)HF-SP-3521Mitsubishi, Japan
4Servomotor (head shift horizontal)---0---
5Servomotor (head shift vertical)HF-KP-731Mitsubishi, Japan
6Motor Reducer (Bending)AB220 - 015 - S1 - P21APEX, Taiwan
7Motor Reducer (Rotating)AB120 - 015 - S1 - P21APEX, Taiwan
8Motor Reducer (Feeding)AB220 - 015 - S1 - P21APEX, Taiwan
9Motor Reducer (head shift vertical)AB90 - 015 - S1 - P21APEX, Taiwan
10Motor Reducer (head shift horizontal)AB120 - 015 - S1 - P21APEX, Taiwan
11PLCFX2N-48MR1APEX, Taiwan
12IPC Industrial Personal Computer (OPTIONAL)TPC-1570H (with WIN XP industry version Operation System)1ADVANTECH, Taiwan
13ContactorCN-321Taian Technology, Taiwan
14Power switchCV-30-261Tend Electronics, Taiwan
15Guide RailRGW-25CB2R2HIWIN, Taiwan
16Rolling Ball ScrewFSV-32-20B11HIWIN, Taiwan
17Chain (silent chain)CL08,CL101TSUBAKI, Japan
18Oil Pump Motor5.5HP-4P1Donlim Motor, Taiwan
19Oil PumpPV2R1-171KCL, Taiwan
20Hydraulic ValveD5-02-3C4-D23YUKEN, Japan
21Hydraulic ValveD5-02-3c2-D24YUKEN, Japan
22Hydraulic ValveD5-02-3C3-D21YUKEN, Japan
23Hydraulic ValveMFSC-02-D22YUKEN, Japan
24Hydraulic Control One-Way ValvePCVW-02-A2YUKEN, Japan
25Reducing ValveBRVP-02-L-C2YUKEN, Japan
26Overflow ValveBSG-03-2PN-H-D21YUKEN, Japan
27Pressure GageDT-633KMpass, Taiwan

Main Features:

Bend-arm (C-axis) by servo motor

2. Clamp die by hydraulic; pressure die by hydraulic

3. Carriage (Y-axis) and push bending driven by servo motor

4. With rear booster driven by servo motor.

5. Collets (B-axis): rotation by servo motor, grip by hydraulic.

6. With roll bending function (PUSH BENDING), can make big radius by rolling.

7. Tooling shift : motion up-down by hydraulic, left-right by servo motor

8. Automatic mandrel lubrication (Optional).

9. Anticipated mandrel retraction unit.

10. Standing pedestal, serves emergency stop and remote control.

11. Industrial PC assorted with touch screen display, capable of 3D bending simulation, 3D preview and collision prevention (optional)

Weld Mesh Rt-50CNC Pipe Bending Machine
Weld Mesh Rt-50CNC Pipe Bending Machine
Weld Mesh Rt-50CNC Pipe Bending Machine
Weld Mesh Rt-50CNC Pipe Bending Machine
Weld Mesh Rt-50CNC Pipe Bending Machine
Company Details
Professional: 10 years into machinery.
Brand: RUNTAI, China Famous Brand
Engineers: 9 professional and experienced engineers
Certificates: CE, ISO9001:2008
Letters patents: 12 official patents
Examining report: 5 official examining reports
Innovation project: 2 innovative program awards
Exported Countries: South Africa, India, Australia, Russia, UK, Mexico, Ukraine etc

Trade information:
FOB Shanghai, CIF your port
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Delivery Terms: 30% deposit, 70% paid before shipment.
Delivery Time: 30days after receiving deposit
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Warranty: 1 year
Package Details: wooden box
Supply Ability: 30 Sets per Month
Free Sample: No


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