School seeks improved security fencing

2022-04-24 07:28:12 By : Mr. Tom zeng

PLANNING permission is being sought for improved security fencing at St Gregory’s RC High School, Warrington.

Existing 1.8 metre high fencing on the school’s western boundary will be replaced with a new fence, 2.4 metres high, if the borough council’s development management committee agrees.

The school says the fencing is required to improve the security of the school grounds and to match the existing uprated fencing on the western boundary.

All fencing is proposed to consist of fine wire mesh supported on posts at 2.75 metre intervals. It will be finished in green to match the existing fencing.

Warrington Borough Council planning officers are recommending the work be approved. There have been no objections from nearby residents or ward councillors.

They say the proposed fencing has been designed in a manner to maximise the presence of the existing landscape and also reflect the existing features of the school grounds.

Is this fencing to keep pupils in or vandals out?

If it’s needed it should be approved

Definitely needed to secure the building and grounds. Vandalism on schools impacts our children

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