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Security fencing for all applications, including vertical bar, welded mesh, metal railings, sports fencing, playground fencing and GRP. 

Timber and steel automated and manual gates, and guidance on specification, installation and maintenance.

Guaranteed for 25 years, our absorptive and reflective acoustic barriers reduce noise, increase privacy, and provide security, and can even be CE marked for road infrastructure.

Security Rated Fencing is integral to any well-planned perimeter security strategy as it provides the reassurance of tested performance against a range of threats.

Jacksons high security fencing and gates deliver integrated perimeter security and access control solutions for a wide variety of sensitive and critical applications.

Our range of hostile vehicle mitigation products includes PAS 68 bollards, road blockers, speed gates, manual arm barriers and crash fences.

Our range of parking control and barriers includes car bars, road blockers, rising arm barriers, swing barriers and turnstiles.

Timber fencing for a wide range of commercial applications, from residential developments and public parks to pubs, restaurants, and hospitals.

Jacksons Fencing has provided solutions for many applications and sectors, from high security national infrastructure to commercial premises and schools.

Jacksons Fencing are at the forefront of metal fencing for many applications and sectors

All our installation teams are CSCS certified and DBS cleared to carry out work at schools, care homes and other institutions, and subject to vetting and approval by the Independent Safeguarding Authority.

Our gate automation service is fully CE accredited, conforming to all current regulations. All our engineers and technical advisors are Gate Safe compliant ensuring a long-lasting, safe solution for any application.

We have five RIBA approved CPD presentations, covering topics including gate automation, perimeter security, acoustic barriers, timber treatment, and fencing for the education sector, available throughout the UK.

Whether you're looking for advice on a high security or schools project or want to know more about acoustic barriers, we've got a wide range of guides covering these topics available for immediate download.

CAD drawings of our products available for immediate download, sorted by product range.

Spec Sheets of our products available for immediate download, sorted by product range.

Find Q40 specification documents for our commercial product range or systems.

We have commissioned a series of research reports with a wealth of knowledge from experts in the field including education, acoustic and high security insights.

Our whitepapers are available for immediate download and contain essential guidance and information on key topics including schools, noise barriers, automated gates, data centres and high security.

We have developed a range of insight papers that provide a brief understanding of various security sectors, from independent schools to utilities and high security data centres.

Request a security fencing brochure either in print or digital format.

With a vast amount of experience providing fencing for many applications, we share advice from our industry knowledge about keeping a site safe and secure, product detail and information for architects, specifiers, contractors and end-users.

Discover more about the security industry through our blog, with a wide selection of articles covering topics including fencing, access control and noise barriers, as well as helpful guidance and advice about specialist subjects and most commonly asked questions.

We understand the various challenges our customers face and over the years we have delivered many successful projects and solutions to the highest standard across all applications and sectors throughout the UK and across the world. View some of our case studies in various sectors

With over 70 years of experience providing fencing, gates and access control for schools, commercial and residential properties and high security sites, discover the security solution that’s right for you through our case studies.

Jacksons Fencing is accredited by many standards and institutions, from BRE LPCB, RIBA and Secured By Design, to RISQS, Gate Safe and Safe Contractor.

We are proud of our British heritage. First established in 1947 in Kent supplying fencing stakes to farmers, we have always remained true to our British roots as the company has grown.

We exceed British Standards in various categories, whether it's residential timber fence panels, welded mesh, anti intruder fences, or hostile vehicle mitigation crash rated products.

Our fencing has gone through rigorous testing processes to ensure it is suitable for all environments, from schools to healthcare, railways, airports and airfields, as well as military sites, prisons, home office and government operations.

Read our trade terms and conditions for supply and installation.

We coat our products to the highest standard, with options for marine coating, Galfan®, galvanisation and polyester powder coating to provide a tough, durable, protective layer.

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We offer a market leading 25 year guarantee on all our timber and steel products, and a 25 month guarantee for automated products.

Jacksons Fencing is an environmentally conscious organisation with a focus on providing products and services of the highest quality and always improving over time.

We have been exporting our products since 2000. With a wide portfolio of security solutions, we have won contracts in a number of countries including Australia, Egypt, Algeria, Turkestan and Kazakhstan.  

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Specify Jacksons for quality and customer service throughout the whole process, from design, manufacture, supply and install.

The Jakcure® timber treatment process has been refined and perfected over the years to allow us to provide our 25 year guarantee. Find out about the process of timber treatment here.

Read our trade terms and conditions for supply and installation.

At Jacksons our entire resource is geared around meeting your needs from sales to design site visits manufacturing and transport so please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements at the earliest stage of the project.

We have teams located at each of our three fencing centres and fencing managers located throughout the UK ready to respond to your enquiry.

With a vast amount of experience providing fencing for many applications, we share advice from our industry knowledge about keeping a site safe and secure, product detail and information for architects, specifiers, contractors and end-users.

All our steel welded mesh panels are manufactured in the UK and come with a 25 year guarantee. Choose from a wide range of sizes, styles, colours and finishes.

All our welded mesh fencing is constructed from steel wire. Where most welded mesh fencing is simply hot dip galvanised, selected versions of our EuroGuard® range are zinc alloy coated for exceptional corrosion resistance.

We manufacture a range of customisable welded mesh products suitable for all applications, from schools and sports facilities, to commercial properties and high security sites. Creating an 'invisible' screen, welded mesh fencing offers high visibility and doesn't compromise CCTV. With posts adaptable for security toppings, cameras and lighting, flat profile designs for sports enclosures, reinforced V mesh styles for additional strength, and close-knit panels for high security applications, we can offer you the tailored security solution your site requires.

The EuroGuard® range of welded mesh panels offers an ideal perimeter fence solution for schools, leisure attractions, commercial sites and even residential properties where there is a need for higher levels of security. There are different styles available, including a flat profile fence with horizontal twin wires, a flat profile sports rebound mesh, reinforced V mesh fencing with v shape profiles for strength and rigidity, and a steel and timber combination panel to increase privacy and aesthetic appearance with a natural timber façade.

Commonly known as 358 Mesh or Prison Mesh, our Securi-Mesh® range of welded mesh panels employs a climb resistant heavy duty mesh with small apertures and welds, meeting specifications including the use of CCTV, and where a visual deterrent is a key consideration. Securi-Mesh® panels have a single layer of close-knit welded mesh, while Securi-Mesh® Plus offers a double layer of mesh secured with tamper-proof fixings.

Our high security welded mesh panels have passed physical tests to a standard which gives each panel a classification indicating its protection level against a range of toolsets and attack times. Achieving a certified LPS 1175 Security Rating from the LPCB, these mesh panels are ideal for high risk areas where certified protection is necessary.

We manufacture welded mesh panels suitable for sports pitches and enclosures, including high impact sports.

The Trident® range includes mesh fence panels that offer extremely high security with products that meet Home Office specification for use in mental health units and prisons, and products designed for rapid deployment and reduced costs.

We manufacture a wide range of welded mesh panels, from flatform and V mesh, to 358 or prison mesh, and timber and steel combination panels. It can be difficult to know which type of welded mesh panel you need, so we've created a tool to help you compare our products to see which best suits your project.

Welded mesh fencing has grown in popularity over the past few years and is widely available from a variety of suppliers. The design lends itself to applications where through-visibility, installation speed and low cost are primary requirements.

Looking at the most popular mesh designs, it’s easy to assume that there is little to choose between them; on paper, they look much the same and share similar wire spacings, reinforcing folds and wire sizes. Unfortunately, that’s far from the reality.

There are many factors that will distinguish a mesh panel fence capable of providing security and a long service life from those that can’t. Here are some points to consider if you want a welded mesh fence that will remain fit for purpose throughout a long life cycle:

All welded mesh fence panels start as coils of steel wire. As with all steel products, the quality and durability of the finished product results from stating with a good material and that’s largely a factor of the wire manufacturing process. Whenever possible, you should check that the steel wire being used by the fence panel manufacturer is of a good grade and traceable back to an ISO 9001:2015 accredited source to ensure consistency and adherence to material specification and tolerances.

Rigid welded mesh fence panels are almost always sold with a protective coating covering the wire – whether pre-galvanised (Galvanised Before Welding), Galvanised After Welding (GAW), Zinc-Alloy coated or plastic coated. Some manufacturers measure their wire diameters after the coating is applied. A smaller diameter wire with a heavier layer of coating will not provide the same structural strength and resistance to cutting as a product made from heavier diameter wire, even though both will be show as being the same diameter.

The mesh fence will be manufactured with wire that has been pre-galvanised with a zinc coating before being welded together. During manufacturing, each intersection of horizontal and vertical wires is welded to form the mesh panel. However, the welding process effectively removes the protective layer of zinc, leaving the wire unprotected and subject to corrosion at precisely the points where it needs to maintain its integrity. 

Rigid mesh fence panels galvanised with a zinc coating after the wires are welded into place are inherently more durable than panels manufactured from pre-galvanised wires. The manufactured panels are typically hot dip galvanised for full coverage of the zinc coating. The downside of this process is that it requires significant ‘fettling’ after manufacture to remove surface imperfections and sharp zinc spikes which adds to the cost.

The notable exception to the rule is with panels manufactured from with Galfan® or similar zinc alloy coated wire to British Standard (BS EN 10244-2:2009). The higher aluminium content of Galfan® coated wire allows the join to ‘heal’ under welding temperatures and as a result, maintain protection against corrosion.

Powder coating to British Standard BS EN 13438 is applied to a galvanised or zinc alloy coated substrate to provide a decorative finish in a virtually limitless range of colours. Additionally, powder coating enhances the durability of a mesh fence by providing a further protective layer.

Like powder coating, thermoplastic coatings are sprayed onto a galvanised or zinc alloy substrate and is particularly effective in applications where the fence is exposed to harsh or corrosive atmospheres, such as coastal areas, deserts and industrial facilities. The combination of Thermoplastic Coating on a Galfan substrate would provide maximum surface protection to a mesh panel fence. All Jacksons mesh panels are zinc aluminium alloy coated prior to final coating

Posts and the mechanical fixing of welded mesh panels to posts are essential to the safety and security characteristics of mesh fencing and some manufacturers are happy to down-spec posts to save costs; so it’s worth a closer look. Jacksons mesh fencing employs at least two vandal-proof mechanical fixing points per clip.

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