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Give your furry companions a safe and sturdy place to sleep and play.

Rabbits are a pleasant, relatively low-maintenance pet, but unlike dogs or cats, rabbits need their own dedicated structures, or hutches, to keep them safe and secure. Rabbit hutches are generally composed of an enclosed "house" combined with an open wire or mesh area. They can be used inside or outdoors, but it's important to remember that a rabbit's hutch is meant primarily for sleeping and containment, and you’ll still need to allow your rabbit to roam your home or backyard outside of their hutch's enclosed area.

The most important feature to consider when choosing a rabbit hutch is its overall size. A good rule of thumb is that bigger is usually better, since a larger area will provide more room for your rabbit to play and explore. You’ll also want to make sure that there’s enough room inside the hutch for your pet's toys and feeding dishes. Since rabbits come in a wide range of sizes, you’ll need to decide yourself how many rabbits will fit comfortably in your hutch.

If you plan on keeping your hutch outside, make sure it has a weatherproof roof to keep your pet safe and comfortable from rain. You should also make sure that the structure, especially the wire framing, is sturdy enough to prevent predators from getting inside, offering enough support to ensure your pets won’t be able to escape and wander off when unsupervised. If you plan on using your hutch inside, you’ll probably want to go with something light and portable—preferably one with wheels that can roll from room to room.

We grew up with several rabbits in our home, and used a variety of hutches, including both homemade structures and store-bought products. We used this experience to help guide our decision-making while assembling this list, and combined it with extensive online research into the most popular options on the market. We also did our best to include a range of prices, although, considering the importance of keeping your rabbit protected, we prioritized safety and security over low prices.

This Good Life hutch is large enough to house two to three rabbits comfortably, and its three sliding trays mean it's easy to keep clean. The durable fir wood framing makes for a solid, sturdy structure, and the roof is designed to prevent rain from leaking inside.

Thanks to its thick wire mesh, this hutch also allows for maximum ventilation while preventing your pets from escaping—and keeps nosy dogs or cats gaining entry. Ridges on the ramp make it easy for rabbits to travel from floor to floor, and the metal latches keep all three doors securely closed.

If you’re looking for a bit more space than our other options offer, this extra-large outdoor hutch could be a perfect fit. It boasts an impressive 39.5 total square feet of space, and the large exterior space provides your pet or pets 5 x 4.2 feet of room to play and explore.

A convenient hooked pole allows you to open and close the door to the main house from outside the hutch, and the large doors make it easy to access the enclosure whenever you like. A weatherproof asphalt roof will keep out the rain, and the fir wood walls make this a durable, sturdy option.

If you prefer not to keep your hutch on the ground, you’ll appreciate the detachable legs of this Aivituvin option. Its four casters also make it easy to roll it around from room to room if you like, and two can be locked in place when you’ve reached your destination. This hutch offers three separate doors, and the entire ceiling lifts up so you can easily access your furry friends whenever you’d like.

The 31.5 by 26–inch footprint of this Petsfit hutch makes it well-suited for those who are short on space, but still want an enjoyable habitat for their furry friend. It still offers two stories for your pet to explore, and the two separate trays make it easy to maintain a clean and sanitary space. A latched door separates the two levels, allowing you to keep your rabbit out of the way while you clean one floor, or for separating rabbits of different sexes.

The 5.9-inch ramp is wide enough to be used comfortably, and the thick metal wire of the unit itself is durable enough to keep rabbits in and other pets out.

This budget-friendly hutch provides similar features to those found in more expensive options, like a removable plastic tray and an easy-open roof. Its four rolling casters make it ideal for those who’d prefer to transport the hutch frequently, and a total of four access hatches make it easy to grab or monitor your rabbit at all times.

The primary door even folds down to create a ramp, a convenient feature if you’re allowing your pet some free roaming time. An acrylic window is a nice perk, and allows sunlight to brighten up the interior enclosure.

This collapsible hutch from Tahoe Trails would be perfect for anyone planning on taking their rabbits with them on vacation or who only foster occasionally.

Despite its ability to fold down to just 4.33 inches wide, this two-story structure expands into an impressively large space. Most importantly, metal latches allow you to ensure that the structure is safe and secure when fully assembled.

Rolling casters also make it convenient to transport around your home, and the two removable steel trays are durable and easy to clean.