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2022-06-18 22:21:08 By : Ms. Kary Cheng

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These steps will show you how to make Virgin Coconut Oil in your home. This Virgin Coconut Oil does not contain any preservatives nor cosmetic wax like the ones sold in the shops so you will have to refrigerate it to preserve it.

To make 500g (18oz.) of Virgin Coconut Oil, you will need:

Any blender with at least 500W power can grind coconut meats. A mature coconut is dry and the skin that is exposed after breaking the outer shell is dark brown. The coconut meat and the water are very sweet.

Uses of Virgin Coconut Oil

The following are some of the uses of Virgin Coconut Oil.

Use as stated above and if you have any questions about making your own virgin coconut oil, click here to ask me.

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I toy u boil the cocount milk

There are two main methods; the cold pressed and the heat method (the one you’re talking about).

But coconut oil does not need preserving in the freezer or even fridge. It lasts for as long as possible without refrigerating and without artificial preservatives too. I have a bottle of pure virgin coconut which was gifted to me by a relative who processes naturally by herself

Another great video from Flo.

The end result of the cold pressed differs from the heated one wch doesn’t need to be preserved in the refrigerator hence its the best but the quantity ull get ll be smaller than the cold pressed

I love to drink coconut milk.It is informative blog.I need this information very much.I love to boil coconut milk..I am waiting to get more information from your site.. Thanks for sharing..

Maybe its is the terminology BUT that wasn’t virgin coconut oil BUT concentrated coconut milk-cream. Good item anyway.

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