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Product description:We Factory are produce ironing machine model .YPD - Electric Heating YP- Steam heating YPR -Gas heating or Hot oil heating YPDI - Single roller YPDII- Double Rollder YPDIII- Three Rollers Mini Ironing width is 1600mm Max Ironing width is 3300mm 1.Modular design allows f

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Ironing Press Machine, Laundry Roller Iron & Sheet Ironing Machine
Product description:
We Factory are produce ironing machine model .

YPD - Electric Heating 
YP- Steam heating 
YPR -Gas heating or Hot oil heating 

YPDI - Single roller 
YPDII- Double Rollder 
YPDIII- Three Rollers
Mini Ironing width is 1600mm 
Max Ironing width is 3300mm
1.Modular design allows flexibility in upgrading and future expansion when needed,
Upgrading of single roller ironer to double roller or double roller to three roller can be easily carried out at site.
2.Ironing roller with 800mm in diameter;Well- guided feeding design.The fabrics to be ironed are in good contact with more than 75% of the roller surface.
Thus giving good ironing result.
3.Rollers are made of 55304 stainless steel.
All other auxiliary rollers are galvanized and rust proofed so that they are durable and are of rust proofing surface treatment.
4.Rollers are driven by gears and sprockets.Thus the drive is smooth, low noise level and steady.
With vfd, the ironing speed can be easily adjusted as when required.
5.Equipment is with built in safety guard to prevent accident when feeding the fabric for ironing.Door inter-lock safety design to prevent equipment from starting when doors are not properly closed.E-5top operation during emergency.
6.This equipment is suitable for launderette of hotel, hospital,schools,army etc.
It is also widely used by independent laundry shop and garment manufacturers.

YP series Steam Heating Ironing Machine 
Drum Diametermm800800800800800800800800
Max ironing widthmm22002400280022002400280024003000
Ironing speedm/min0-60-60-60-150-150-150-280-28
Ironing temperatureºC158158158158158158158158
Steam pressurempa0.
Moter powerkw1.
Rated voltageV220/380220/380220/380220/380220/380220/380220/380220/380
Machine weightkg13501450155022002300260048005000

YPD series Electric Heating Ironing Machine
Drum Diametermm800800800800800800
Max ironing widthmm220024002800220024002800
Ironing speedm/min0-80-80-80-180-180-18
Ironing temperatureºC200200200200200200
Electric heater capacitykw252731.5505463
Moter powerkw0.750.750.751.51.51.5
Rated voltageV220/380220/380220/380220/380220/380220/380
Machine weightkg150015601650295031003300

Ironing Press Machine, Laundry Roller Iron & Sheet Ironing MachineIroning Press Machine, Laundry Roller Iron & Sheet Ironing MachineIroning Press Machine, Laundry Roller Iron & Sheet Ironing MachineIroning Press Machine, Laundry Roller Iron & Sheet Ironing MachineIroning Press Machine, Laundry Roller Iron & Sheet Ironing Machine


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