Hot selling farm fence/barbed wire fence/fence

Hot Sale Farm Field Fence/Wire Mesh Fence/Field Fence1.  Material:Galvanized Iron Wire Mesh2.Mesh Wire diameter:1.8mm~2.5mm3.Edge wire diameter: 2.0mm~3.2mm4.Mesh:(cm) 15-14-13-11-10-8-6(longitude);(cm) 15-18-20-40-50-60-65(woof)5.Height:0.8m, 0.9m, 1.0m, 1.1m, 1.2m, 1.5m6.Length:50m,100m,200mHoweve

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Hot Sale Farm Field Fence/Wire Mesh Fence/Field Fence

1.  Material:Galvanized Iron Wire Mesh

2.Mesh Wire diameter:1.8mm~2.5mm

3.Edge wire diameter: 2.0mm~3.2mm

4.Mesh:(cm) 15-14-13-11-10-8-6(longitude);(cm) 15-18-20-40-50-60-65(woof)

5.Height:0.8m, 0.9m, 1.0m, 1.1m, 1.2m, 1.5m


However, the mesh, height, length can be adjust according your request.


1.One new 50 Meter roll of stock fencing. Perfect for keeping in all livestock (pigs, sheep, horses, cows and more.)

2.Hinged Joints makes the wire flexible, making it perfect to fix to uneven land such as riverbanks and hills.

3.The holes gradually decrease in size horizontally down the roll. This means the top holes are larger than the bottom. Perfect for stopping animals such as lambs putting their heads through holes.

Product Details:
Grassland sheep wire mesh fence we offer have innovative and firm structure, flat surface, uniform opening and good integration.This product offers good flexibility;Good pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance properties and can serve for a very long time.Even the cut pieces will not deform under pressure.It has excellent corrosion resistance and anti-oxidizing property.Unlike the welded wire mesh fences with the welding spots getting easily broken, our grassland sheep wire mesh fence are firm forever once installed and make the best materials for protecting grassland, forestry, highway and environments.

Grassland sheep wire mesh fence:
Mesh:(cm) 15-14-13-11-10-8-6(longitude);(cm) 15-18-20-40-50-60-65(woof)
Height:0.8m, 0.9m, 1.0m, 1.1m, 1.2m, 1.5m
Length:115feet(50m), 330feet(100m)

Popular Specifications:

OEM orders are welcome, The products can be made according your drawings or requirement.

Hot Sale Farm Field Fence/Wire Mesh Fence/Field Fence
Hot Sale Farm Field Fence/Wire Mesh Fence/Field Fence
Hot Sale Farm Field Fence/Wire Mesh Fence/Field Fence
Hot Sale Farm Field Fence/Wire Mesh Fence/Field Fence

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