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For avid barbecuers, the aroma and flavor of grilled or smoked meat is almost unparalleled, and nothing says tasty food is coming one’s way better than a slow-smoked brisket or rack of ribs. Grilling has increased in popularity across the country, so there is no shortage of gift ideas for grilling enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking to buy a new smoker, grill, accessories, recipe books, or even meat subscriptions, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best grilling gifts. Even if you think your brother, sister, dad, friend, or great uncle has everything they need for their next grilling adventure, you’ll find something new on this list to surprise them with a thoughtful—or helpful—gift.

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The best grilling gifts come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. We’ve rounded up a list of unique grilling gifts that covers a range of ideas from accessories to subscriptions.

Pulled pork is one of the easiest and most popular meats to make, but shredding the pork can be a different story. A couple of oversize forks can wear out anyone’s hands and arms, but if they have these massive Cave Tools Meat Claws, they’ll tear through the pork (or other meat of choice) in no time. The teeth dig in deep to grab meats, hold them, or shred them. Get the shred on!

Get the Cave Tools Meat Claws on Amazon for $11.99

Everyone knows homemade burger patties taste the best, but did you know that you can use a burger press to make them grill more evenly and keep the juices in longer during grilling? This Cuisinart burger press might be the tool your griller didn’t know they needed. The other fun benefit is that anyone watching their carb intake can go bunless and fill that indent during grilling with other tasty foods like cheese, sauerkraut, or whatever floats their boat.

Get the Cuisinart Burger Press on Amazon for $14.99

Mark Bittman’s “How to Grill Everything” is a top choice for beginners and experienced grillers alike. It covers all the usual meats, pizza, and seafood, but it also has an extensive vegetable section as well. But the fun surprise is the treat section that includes recipes for grilling watermelon, pound cake, or even rosemary bread.

Get “How to Grill Everything” by Mark Bittman on Amazon for $16.78

For avid meat smokers, Steven Raichlen’s “Project Smoke” is a must-have. His book teaches how to successfully grill different cuts of meat and make mouthwatering marinades, sauces, rubs, and recipes from around the world. It’s perfect for both beginners or experienced smokers who want to learn about different grills, smokers, fuel sources, and techniques.

Get “Project Smoke” by Steven Raichlen on Amazon for $18.21

Do you know someone who loves to grill but hates to clean up the greasy drip pan? Then this is the perfect gift. It’s a nonstick grill mat that keeps all the mess contained so it can be easily cleaned. Sure, they’ll forgo the traditional grill marks, but a great char can still be achieved with this mat. This is one of the thickest (and therefore more durable) mats available, which means it should hold up to the most intense grilling jobs.

Get the Kona Best BBQ Grill Mat on Amazon for $19.95

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Grillers know that fat is essential to ensuring a rich flavor, but too much fat can prevent a good rub or marinade from penetrating the meat. As far as grilling accessory gifts go, this brisket and meat trimmer is a top option. When it’s chilled properly, it slices through the toughest fat and silver skin to make a challenging trim job much easier. The fat gets trimmed off in long strips rather than in pieces, and its design improves safety while in use.

Get the Qwick Trim Brisket & Meat Trimmer at The Grommet for $19.95

Kabobs (or kebabs) are a tasty way to eat a healthy, balanced meal from the grill, but if the skewers aren’t prepared correctly, it’s another way to lose the food intended for consumption. Enter these kabob grilling baskets. These handy little baskets hold any sliced food in skewer form without needing the skewer itself.

Get the Kabob Grilling Baskets from Uncommon Goods for $20

Grilling vegetables can be fraught with mishaps. Vegetables and small foods like shrimp and tofu have a way of slipping right through the grill racks, only to be covered in soot. Solve this grilling problem with these mesh grill bags that can hold vegetable slices, tofu, and any other smaller food items that grillers would rather eat than drop.

Get the Mesh Grill Bags from Uncommon Goods for $22

Photo: PROMOTED PICK Grilling and barbecuing don’t have to be confined to daylight hours, and that’s where a grilling light would come in extremely handy. The Cave Tools Barbecue Grill Light can be used next to or even inside the grill to illuminate what’s being cooked. The clamp can fit on both rectangular and round bars, so it’s compatible with most barbecues.

Get the Cave Tools Grill Light on Amazon for $23.99

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Wishing you could think of more personal grilling gifts? Opt to give the gift of a couple months of a Grill Masters Club Experience subscription. It’s a popular club of members who eat, sleep, and breathe grilling and smoking meats. Members share and test recipes and tips, but best of all, a shipment of barbecue sauces, rubs, fuel, surprise accessories, and recipes is sent to each griller every month. Since it’s a gift, there are non-renewing options in the cart so you can offer access for as many months as you want to purchase.

Get the Grill Masters Club Experience Subscription from The Grill Masters Club starting at $29.99

For grillers and smokers who love to tenderly baste their prize meat throughout the day, then take a look at this basting pot and brush. It’s taller than a bowl, so the basting brush can sit in it without tipping the pot over. And even if it does tip, it has a lid with a notch for the brush, so you can retrieve it before the basting sauce is lost. We also like the handle that could double as a hook on some barbecues.

Get the OXO Basting Pot and Brush on Amazon for $25.95

Photo: PROMOTED PICK No two grills or smokers are the same, and sometimes the built-in thermometers give sketchy readings at best. This digital meat thermometer solves the guessing game for meat grillers. With two probes, two meats can be monitored at the same time with the readings clearly visible on the large digital display. They’ll be able to use preset cooking temperature alerts or customize for their needs.

Get the SMARTRO Dual Probe Digital Meat Thermometer on Amazon for $26.99

S’mores may just be the ultimate campfire or backyard grill treat. It’s impossible to eat just one, so give the gift of this ingenious s’mores griller that heats up to six s’mores at once. Your giftee will love stacking their graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows (or whatever ingredients they love best) into the little baskets and watching the marshmallows and chocolate melt to perfection. Granted, this isn’t ideal for people who love to light their marshmallows on fire, but it’s great for people who wish the chocolate melted better on their s’mores.

Get the S’mores Griller from Uncommon Goods for $28

You’ve heard of cedar planks for grilling fish, but what about a Himalayan salt barbecue plank? Perhaps the grilling enthusiast in your life hasn’t heard of it either. Wow them with this stunning plank of Himalayan salt. Grilling with this salt plank enhances the flavor better than traditional cooking. Since salt is such a stable element, your giftee can also chill this plank to serve sushi as a flashy way to impress guests.

Get the Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank from Uncommon Goods for $30

For the griller with a palette that loves to explore exotic flavors, this rub variety pack from the popular BBQGuys is sure to please. It includes two popular rubs: pineapple ancho and habanero honeybee. Since each bottle includes 16 ounces, your giftee will be able to try these flavors on different kinds of meat and feed their need for sweet-heat flavors.

Get the BBQGuys Signature Spiceology Variety Pack at BBQGuys for $34.99

Do you know a meat griller who secretly wishes they owned a ranch? Or does that person take serious pride in their grilling skills? Then you’re almost guaranteed to have the perfect gift with this personalized miniature branding iron. Grillers can wield this little branding iron any time they want to leave their mark on a steak, chicken breast, quesadilla, or whatever else lands on their grill.

Get the Sloan Brands Personalized Miniature Branding Iron on Amazon for $35

Photo: PROMOTED PICK Though many meat smokers and grillers wouldn’t admit it, a pair of heat-resistant BBQ gloves would come in handy sometimes. They’re so helpful for handling hot meat or pans or when working over some serious flames. As a bonus, grillers can also use these gloves for other heavy-duty work around the yard or shop since they are also cut-resistant. It’s a great all-around accessory for use around the home.

Get the Grill Heat Aid BBQ Gloves on Amazon for $31.99

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Photo: PROMOTED PICK We usually think of grilling in terms of meats like brisket, lamb chops, salmon, or kabobs, but many grillers also love to use a griddle on the grill. It’s the easiest way to whip up a hearty breakfast, but the right tools are necessary to get the job done. This 16-piece set of griddle accessories can flip flapjacks, encircle eggs, and skewer steak. They’re ergonomically designed and made of stainless steel, so they’ll last for a while.

Get the Griddle Accessories Set on Amazon for $39.85

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Forget the usual seasoning ideas. Opt for this unique set of eight seasonings that’s sure to include a few flavors that your favorite meat smoker and griller won’t expect. They might just love the Argentinian Chimichurri, the Moroccan Harissa, or the Holy Smoke. The spices come with recommendations of the best type of meat to use them with for the best flavor experience.

Get the Butcher’s Block Seasoning Set at Williams Sonoma for $39.95

The Carhartt cotton duck apron can hold up to just about any job that’s thrown at it. For long days over the pit, grill, or smoker, this tough apron can protect the clothes that are otherwise ruined by grease. There are plenty of pockets for tools or seasonings they might need to carry with them, too.

Get the Carhartt Firm Duck Apron at Carhartt for $39.99

Do you know a griller who loves to use their outdoor grill or smoker but hates to go outside to check the temperature all the time? The ThermoPro TP20 wireless meat thermometer solves that problem. It has dual probes and two digital readers. The larger one can connect wirelessly to the probes up to 300 feet away. Your giftee can check their meat from the comfort of their home before venturing outside.

Get the Wireless Meat Thermometer on Amazon for $56.99

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Cuisinart is known for top-notch kitchen accessories, and this deluxe grill set is no exception. Included in this super-handy case is just about every grilling tool needed: spatula, tongs, digital thermometer, barbecue fork, basting brush, corn holders, skewers, and a cleaning brush. It’s the perfect set for someone who just got their first grill or someone who needs a convenient way to take their grilling tools to the campsite or tailgate party.

Get the Cuisinart Deluxe Grill Set on Amazon for $58.52

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Grilling over an open campfire isn’t always easy to do, so if you know someone who loves the outdoors but doesn’t want to build a campfire every time, then check out the portable Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill. It’s big enough to hold up to six burgers, but it’s small and light enough for anyone to pack and carry to a campsite or even a tailgate party. The porcelain enamel resists peeling or cracking, extending the life of the grill.

Get the Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill on Amazon for $64.99

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Grillers who prefer to use charcoal know it can be a bit of a challenge to light little briquettes. Help make the job easier with this clever electric fire and charcoal starter. It’s powerful enough to produce temperatures that reach a scorching 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit, which means the charcoal or wood fire lights in less than 60 seconds. Thankfully, the casing cools quickly after use, so it’s safe to set it down soon afterward.

Get the Looftlighter Electric Fire and Charcoal Starter on Amazon for $69.99

Meat grillers who also love the original American pastime of baseball will appreciate this thoughtful grilling gift. It’s a wooden cutting board shaped like a home plate—ostensibly to suggest the freshly grilled meat will be a home run, of course. You can also add a set of three grilling tools that are crafted with handles like baseball bats. It’s a gift that will hit it out of the park.

Get the Personalized BBQ Baseball Tools & Cutting Board from Uncommon Goods starting at $75

Grills are hard to clean, but the Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot can make a tough job easier. Your giftee can set it and forget it, then reap the rewards of shiny, clean grill racks. It’s durable enough to work whether the grill is hot or cold, which is quite convenient.

Get the Grillbot Grill Cleaning Robot on Amazon for $107.96

Serious meat grillers might also be serious butchers. If that’s the case for the griller in your life, then they’ll appreciate this DALSTRONG Butcher-Breaking Cimitar Knife. It’s 10 inches of pure slicing power that gets through flesh, cartilage, and fat with ease. This knife’s ability and quality are sure to impress them.

Get the DALSTRONG Cimitar Knife on Amazon for $129.99

A wood-fired pizza is a delightful treat that requires extra accessories if you don’t already have an outdoor pizza oven. Opt for a less-common grilling gift like this pizza oven accessory for a charcoal grill. It’s an insert that allows for the airflow a pizza oven needs, plus the pizza stone that sits right on the grill plate. Fresh pizza is ready in mere minutes!

Get the KettlePizza Pizza Oven for Charcoal Grill at The Grommet starting at $139

Traeger has become a household name in grilling and smoking meat. You won’t go wrong sending this gift from Traeger. It’s a smokehouse meal box for a group that includes one 6-pound Wagyu beef brisket, plus your choice of sides and preferred rub. These popular meal shipments take the guesswork out of dinner—and a delicious one at that.

Get the Traeger Smokehouse Box Wagyu Beef Brisket from Traeger starting at $150

Sometimes it’s just too cold to grill outside, or you don’t want to heat up a large grill for a small piece of meat. Either way, the Ninja Foodi 5-in1 Indoor Grill with Air Fryer is the perfect gift for someone who appreciates combination kitchen appliances. This nifty appliance can grill, roast, fry, bake, or dehydrate just about anything. And since it includes smoke control technology, your giftee doesn’t have to worry about the house filling with smoke either.

Get the NINJA Indoor Grill with Air Fryer at The Home Depot for $179.99

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Dalstrong makes excellent knives for kitchen work, and this set of 18 knives is no exception. Each knife has a full tang with a 16- to 18-degree edge on both sides for razor-sharp cutting. There is just about every knife needed, including a boning knife, a Santoku knife, a Nakiri knife, a slicer, steak knives, and more.

Get the DALSTRONG Knife Block Set on Amazon for $399.99

The Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker is a great option for those interested in expanding their grilling to smoking. The digital controls and built-in meat thermometer make it easy to keep the right temperature, and the wood-chip loading system is designed to work without opening the door and losing any heat. Your giftee will love the chance to try their hand at smoking meats with an easy-to-use smoker.

Get the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker on Amazon for $449.20

The Masterbuilt Digital Charcoal Grill Plus Smoker is an innovative charcoal grill and smoker that will make meat grillers happy if they only use charcoal as their fuel source of choice. The gravity-fed charcoal hopper produces at least 12 hours of heat and can get the interior temperature up to 700 degrees in 13 minutes. The built-in digital thermometer is Bluetooth- and WiFi-capable for ultimate convenience.

Get the Masterbuilt Charcoal Grill Plus Smoker at The Home Depot for $497

The Kamado Joe Classic Joe II Charcoal Grill has a legion of devotees who swear by its perfection—and for good reason. With its unique egg shape, grillers can grill food on two different levels to achieve the perfect temperature when cooking for a crowd. Whether they need a cooler 225 degrees or a whopping 750 degrees, the patented vent system at the top allows for more control than expected. It’s a truly versatile charcoal grill, and you can give one to a griller who has finally experienced how pleasant it is to use a Kamado Joe.

Get the Kamado Joe Classic Joe II Charcoal Grill on Amazon for $999

There are several directions you can go when choosing the best grilling gifts. Consider these ideas as you plan how to show your appreciation for the meat griller in your life.

Deals on the best grilling gifts can be found year-round, but they’re even more likely to pop up around springtime or holidays. Memorial Day is an especially popular time for grilling gift deals since it’s the unofficial start to summer barbecue parties. The earlier you shop around these holidays, the more likely you are to score discounts on the higher-priced grills and smokers.

While you scour the internet for the best grilling gifts, be sure to use a helpful extension like Honey to check for available discounts or the best prices at online retailers. And the Droplist feature will also alert you when an item you’ve been eyeing drops in price. You can also sign up for emails from the retailers on our list, as that’s one of the best ways to get deal alerts right from the source. This is especially helpful for last-minute gifts or even when you’re planning ahead for upcoming gifts. Deals are often available to help you stick to your budget while finding the perfect gift for someone who loves to grill.

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