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2022-05-29 00:06:39 By : Ms. Lisa Guo

Feature Illustration: Rendering of the proposed San Antonio River Walk entry to the 112 Soledad spa hotel. Courtesy: Sprinkle & Co. Architects.

San Antonio (Bexar County) — A local developer with an interest in an 1870s era, two-story commercial building with San Antonio River Walk access has asked for conceptual design approval of plans to renovate it into an 11-room spa hotel with a restaurant.

Located at 112 Soledad Street, the W.H. Maverick limestone building was constructed in 1877 and had an area of about 7,000 square feet. The building was reduced around 1920 when the street was widened and given a new brick façade.

Current condition of the 112 Soledad building, as seen from the street and above. Images: Google Streets.

The Historic and Design Review Commission (HDRC) is scheduled to vote on the request Wednesday. Their Design Review Committee had a preview presentation on Aug. 10.

The project designer, Sprinkle & Co. Architects, has informed the city that the existing two stories above ground and its basement level will be completely renovated, and a smaller area third floor will be added to the roof.

The concept is to have a three-story hotel at the back of the building, facing the River Walk. In actuality, with the basement-river level and rooftop deck, the building would have five levels. Including the rooftop bar, the total area is approximately 13,230 square feet.

“The river level entry into the development will be through a new opening in the existing rubble stone retaining wall. A steel entry trellis element will be placed in the opening of the stone wall. The stone that is removed from the wall will be reused at the outdoor dining patio area along the River Walk,” architect Davis Sprinkle’s summary states. “Above the trellis and the new opening, the guest rooms facing the river will all have continuous balconies that are set into the new façade.”

The restaurant will be at river level and there will be a rooftop bar. Historically significant interior features, such as the tin ceilings and wood floors, will be preserved and restored where necessary.

Two new fire stairs are required by code. It is proposed that the front fire stairs be placed 35 feet back from the front façade and enclosed with a minimal steel frame that includes welded wire mesh infill along the Soledad side to help the stair visually recede and to give it a lighter more transparent feel, the architect states.

The third-floor addition will also be placed 35 feet back from the Soledad Street façade.

Aerial perspective of 112 Soledad as seen from above the River Walk. Image: Sprinkle & Co.

The river level area between the new building and the River Walk sidewalk will be paved. A side stair and elevator tower with chair lift tucked in the corner of this area will provide ADA access from the River Walk to upper floors.

A stone wall that extend 45 feet along the property line currently exists at the river level. The Office of Historic Preservation staff found plats from 1877 noting the existence of the stone wall. The applicant wants to remove 25 feet of the existing wall to provide pedestrian access into the site from the River Walk, as well as remove a portion of the wall on the north end of the site to accommodate additional pedestrian seating at the river level.

The limestone would be reused to construct low walls and steps in the patio area. Steps up to the main River Walk level will be curvilinear, in conformance with H.H. Hugman’s early River Walk design aesthetic.

“The rooftop bar will have a minimal steel column/beam grid design with shade fabric panels stretched inside of each open grid. The guard rails will be frameless glass. Modular rooftop pavers will be utilized.

“New exterior wall surfaces for the addition will be primarily stucco. Windows and doors will be wood clad in aluminum. Exterior paving at the river will be limestone and new rock salt finish concrete. The front facade on Soledad will have new brick as a part of the repair of the lower portion. New transoms and a cantilevered entry canopy are included.”

The rear end of the existing building does not extend to the River Walk boundary. There is a large courtyard at street level on that side and a portion of the three-story addition will be from the ground up. Beyond the existing courtyard and the limestone wall, there is at the river level a landscaped garden between the wall and the River Walk sidewalk.

112 Soledad as it would appear from above Soledad Street. Image: Sprinkle & Co.

The owner of record is Derek Rosson, a local commercial real estate developer and chief operating officer of Silo Restaurant Group. The company properties include the Silo, La Fogata, Nosh, and the Nonna Osteria and Rooftop Oyster Bar at The Fairmount Hotel.

The approval sought from HDRC addresses five specific areas:

VBX Project ID 2021-5F8C

The proposed Soledad Street façade and recessed staircase for a spa hotel and restaurant. Image: Sprinkle & Co.

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