Gift Guide 2021 Size Inclusive Plus Size Extended Size Brands

2022-04-24 07:37:37 By : Ms. Sharon Huang

We’re well over a decade into the mainstreaming of “body positivity ,” and it looks like several clothing brands have finally acknowledged that a) people above a size 14 like clothes; b) people above a size 14 will spend money on clothes, and c) people above a size 14 will spend money on clothes that aren’t just Curve Friendly Bootcut Jeans™, oversized tunic tops, or waist-cinching belts. We’ve come a long way since the aughts when Lane Bryant and Torrid were some of the only viable options, leaving you to decide whether you wanted to dress in bland workwear for the rest of your life or to look like you always make a pitstop at Hot Topic before leaving the mall.

Massive fast fashion brands like Old Navy, ASOS, Fashion Nova, and miscellaneous Amazon retailers do offer clothes that fit larger frames in trendy styles at a low price point. But with that comes issues of quality control and concerns about sustainability and ethics . Luckily, you can cop high quality, well-constructed clothing from an array of smaller brands that won’t fall apart in the wash and are more sustainable to boot. Plus, you won’t be banished to the “plus-size section” to find shit that fits. You might have to pay a little more upfront, but it’ll last a whole lot longer. So here are nine size-inclusive brands worth checking out this holiday season and beyond.

Let me be frank: I’m a Big Bud Press evangelist. This Los Angeles-based brand specializes in trousers and jumpsuits, but also offers t-shirts, sweatshirts, blouses, underwear, and accessories in a wide variety of colors and, importantly, sizes. Their unisex sizes range from XXS to 6XL, and the brand is slowly starting to roll out petite and tall sizes as well. I’m not exaggerating when I say about 85 percent of the trousers I’ve bought in the last year or so have been from BBP, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I suggest the Work Pants or their wide legged, 70s inspired cousin, Western Pants . Both are super flattering, especially with a pair of boots or a low-heel shoe. The jumpsuits are also a win; just make sure you take a good look at the size chart before purchasing. Another tip: Follow them on Instagram to get the inside scoop on sales and new drops—but know that they sell out quickly.

Selkie is known for their dreamy silohuttes, creamy pastels, airy fabrics, empire waists, and impressive size range. Their dresses range from a size 2 to 22, and most styles are open at the hips, so measuring your bust is of primary importance here. Most of Selkie’s dresses styles are definitely more on the fanciful side, especially their famed Puff Dress , which isn’t exactly casual wear. You really have to commit to looking like a whimsical marshmallow. But their Day Dress is a great option for everyday wear for those of you who don’t think dresses are inherently fancy.

The women behind Universal Standard asked themselves a simple question: “If the average woman wears a size 18, then that should be called a Medium, right?” That’s Univeral Standard’s claim to fame: redefining how we frame clothing sizes and the stigma surrounding it all. The brand has an impressive size range : 4XS to 4XL; a size medium at Universal Standard is a size 18-20! And while they sell a wide array of clothing—from dresses to sweatshirts and t-shirts that Jezebel Senior News Reporter Caitlin Cruz swears by—it’s the denim that has people coming back again and again. Any kind of jean you can imagine, Universal Standard has it: straight leg, skinny, high rise, mid-rise, boyfriend cut, wide leg, cropped... you name it, they sell it from a size 00 to 40.

Wray NYC is a New York City-based brand selling pieces that are trendy yet curated, offbeat but super wearable. Their sizes range from XXS to a 6XL, and if you’re interested in bold prints and bright colors, Wray is definitely worth checking out. For a while, it was impossible to scroll Instagram without peeping their very popular checker print Lounge Set , with a blouse that could be worn around the house or paired with a pair of jeans. But they have plenty of other winners too, like the Triangle Wrap Top in Parakeet, the Nikki Dress in Algae Swirl, or the Long Sleeve Tillman’s Dress in Botanical Floral. Also, their sales are pretty damn good, so make sure to keep an eye on your favorites because they will sell out.

For those of you who are active or would happily wear leggings every day given the option, Girlfriend Collective is the move. They offer a ton of leggings, sports bras, biker shorts, body suits, tees, and more in a variety of styles, colors, and, of course, sizes: Girlfriend Collective boasts a size range of XXXS to 6XL, and their clothes are not only well made but also incredibly comfortable as well. (Make sure to read the reviews for sizing tips, however.) You can’t go wrong with their classic Biome FLOAT Ultralight Legging and I’m a big fan of matching their bike shorts with their sports bras, like the Saturn Cleo Halter Bra . Would I wear it for a workout? No, my breasts need a lot of support. But for lounging and going out and about in nice weather? It’s stellar.

Sheertex prides itself on selling unbreakable tights, the dream for those of you who wear tights on a regular basis. Our friends at Gizmodo put this claim to the test a couple of years back, and the damn tights held up to getting stabbed. With a knife. As Victoria Song noted at the time, “You’d have to be the Hulk to tear a hole through these things. Meanwhile, my puny noodle arms were perfectly capable of ripping through a pair of drug store pantyhose. I count that as a win for Sheertex.” Sheertex sizes range from XS (90-109 lbs) to 3XL (275-310 lbs). I can also vouch for Sheertex: They’re comfortable, they don’t roll up against your will, and they can take a beating. I recommend the Classic Sheer Tights in your regular size. If you’re looking for a control top, peep the Shaping Sheer Tights , but know that they really do squeeze you in, to the point where I’ve struggled to put them on!

With that said, the price will make most balk, and fair enough. Paying $99 for tights that won’t rip is an investment. That’s what makes it a good gift, though! And luckily, you’ll probably never have to pay full price for Sheertex tights because they often have big sales and discounted bundles that are worth scooping up.

So, here’s the thing about Lazy Oaf: Their size range for tops and blouses is nothing to call home about, but the sizing on their trousers and outerwear pieces are pretty decent. Lazy Oaf’s unisex trousers range from waist measurements of 24 to 42 inches, and if you’re into trousers that make a statement, Lazy Oaf is the way to go. And don’t worry, they’re plenty roomy in the hips. I can’t leave the house without getting a compliment on my LO X Laura Callaghan Cover To Cover Unisex Pants , a collaboration with Lazy Oaf and Irish illustrator Laura Callaghan . Most of Lazy Oaf’s unisex trousers are straight-leg style, so pair them with boots or sneakers, and you’re set.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when a lingerie brand boasts about their extended size range but isn’t specific about what that actually means. It’s great that more lingerie brands are expanding their ranges to include those of us who wear F, G, and H cups, but that only means so much for people who require a band size above 38. What about people who wear a 46C, or a 42G? Luckily, the lingerie brand Curvy Couture is a solid—and well reviewed —option. Curvy Couture’s bras range from 34DD to 46H, and their offerings aren’t boring and dowdy like big ol’ bras of yore. For example, their Sheer Full Mesh Unlined Underwire Bra is straight up hot in any color, as is their Sheer Mesh Plunge T-Shirt Bra . And don’t worry: For those of you who can’t stand wires, there’s the Cotton Luxe Unlined Wireless Bra .

Parade is very much the It underwear brand, thanks to word of mouth and an aggressive social media campaign dedicated to showing their undies on cool kids of every body type; Parade’s size range is XS to 3XL. I didn’t really understand all the hype, but Parade gifted me a couple pairs of underwear out of the blue last year and... I have to admit, they’re solid. I’ve since replaced almost my entire—very aging—underwear collection with Parade undies (with my own hard-earned cash), and I don’t regret it. The price point is decent, there are sales on the regular, and the color range is simply unmatched. I love their silky mesh line, especially the Silky Mesh G-String when wearing pants and shorts, but their High Rise Brief is my absolute favorite under skirts and dresses.